Dr. Lloyd Soman D.D.S


About Dental Implants

Dental implants are the modern method for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants eliminate the discomfort and embarrassment often associated with dentures and can provide the security and confidence not possible with dentures. You can laugh and talk without your teeth slipping or clicking, and even eat something you never had the confidence to try before.

Most patients are able to have their implant procedure done right in our office, using local anesthetic to make them comfortable. Patients describe their recovery period as "about the same as when they originally had their teeth pulled". Once placed, the implants need time to heal: 4-6 months for lower teeth and 6-8 months for upper teeth. To replace one tooth, an implant acts as a "post" to support a single crown. To replace several teeth, a few implants may be used to support a fixed bridge; giving the patient solid teeth again. For patients missing all of their upper or lower teeth, several implants can be used with an overdenture which snaps onto the implants to give a secure, tight fit. The end result will depend on the number of implants used and different possible designs for the replacement teeth. The patient is able to choose the result based on his or her desires and how much time and money he or she is willing to invest to achieve the best result.

Possible Restorations Include:

1. Replace a single tooth: One implant with a crown can replace a single missing tooth, eliminating the need to prepare adjacent natural teeth.

2. Eliminate a partial denture: Implants can be used as support for a fixed bridge by either connecting to natural teeth of connecting several implants.

3. Stabilize a denture: A removable denture can be retained by several implants while still being supported by tissue.

4. Retain and support a denture: A removable denture can be retained and supported by four to six implants joined by a bar.

5. Support a complete bridge: Jaws missing all the teeth can be restored with fixed bridges anchored by five or six implants. This restoration is removable only by your dentist.




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