Dr. Lloyd Soman D.D.S


I've been going to Dr. Soman for years to keep my gums healthy via periodontal maintenance check-ups and cleanings. Although another periodonist did my gum surgery many years ago, I wish I had known Dr. Soman at that time because I believe in my heart that the gum surgery was not really necessary and that a fine doctor like Dr. Soman would have been able to restore my gums to healthines without any surgery. He's the best periodontist I've ever had--always extremely thorough and careful, and I feel blessed to have found him. His long-time assistant, Pat, is also wonderful. 

Dr. Soman is hands down the best Dentist. I have a cleaning every 3 months and he has drastically turned around a bad case of gingivitis for me. I also have had 2 gum graphs that healed wonderful. He is always very polite. He appears to be very structured and obedient but that is what makes him a great Dentist and an expert in his field.

Dr. Soman gave me options where another periodontist just wanted to cut. His care is phenominal and I highly recommend him. Also, he accepts my insurance!! What a rare bonus. Go see him, you won't regret it.

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